We make sure you get the best possible outcomes from your marketing investments.

EscapeMatrix is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency. We fill the gaps in your ability to deliver outcomes that drive your business. We are proven subject matter experts in B2B and B2C marketing strategies and tactics. We leverage data to help you make the best possible marketing decisions.

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Powerful, simple programmatic digital advertising for your businesses

You've got targets, we can help you hit them. With sales and marketing experts we'll help you craft a plan to achieve your goals. Our team will create the elements you need to achieve your goal. You'll get your assets on time and on budget. With in-house creative, copywriting, and digital media experts there's nothing we can't deliver. See how your tactics are driving results, with reporting and high-touch service. You'll get regular updates and suggestions on how you can best optimize your plan.

Programmatic ad buying

Choose who will see your ads, based on demographics, behaviour and placement time.

Targeted ad network

EscapeMatrix displays your ads on sites that we know your audience visits and trusts.

Real time bidding

Bid on display ads in real time, ensuring the best match between message and audience.

Budget pacing

Define how and when you want to spend your ad budget to ensure you get the best out of it.

Unified dashboard

View ads, placements, budgets and data in your unified escapematrix dashboard.

Ad analytics

Derive insight from your ads to continuously improve campaigns and get more customers.

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How a Demand Side Platform Works

DSPs act as a gateway to the advertising ecosystem, allowing advertisers to retain control of campaigns while at the same time making multiple real time bids for ad space across multiple channels.

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Advertise across channels, devices, sites and media to reach your audience where they are.

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